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Some of the brands we offer:

Mutual of Omaha
Blue Cross Blue Shield
AARP Medicare plans from UnitedHealthcare

New to Medicare?

Part A and Part B

Turning 65? Welcome to your Medicare Years!

Most Americans become eligible for Medicare at 65, while some may become eligible due to Medicare approved disability or ESRD.

Parts of Medicare

Part A


Part B


How do I Sign Up for Medicare?

Signing up for Medicare online might be easier than you think. By using the Medicare Enrollment Form* you can apply for Medicare and check your application status online

*Clicking on the "Apply for Medicare" button will direct you to the website . is not affiliated with nor endorced with CMS or the Social Security Administration.

Part A

  • Premium $0 for 99% of enrollees

  • Deductible $1,600 per benefit period

  • Co-pay $400 per hospital days 61-90

Part B

  • Premium $170.10 for 99% of enrollees

  • Deductible $226 annual

  • Co-pay 20% for Medicare approved services

Medicare Advantage

Part C

What is Medicare Part C?

Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans are optional Medicare plans available to people already enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

Medicare Advantage Plan Options

Parts of Medicare

Part C

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Part D

Prescription Drug Coverage

What is Medicare Part D?

Prescription Drug plans offered under Medicare Part D provides prescription(Rx) benefits to people enrolled in Medicare.

Parts of Medicare

Part D


Expanding Medicare’s benefits

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medigap Plans

Original Medicare Part A and Part B covers approximately 80% of your Medicare approved Medical expenses and limited Hospitalization coverage. A Medicare Supplement (also known as Medigap Plan) will help you cover those expenses.

Our most popular Medigap Plans

Medicare covers 80%
of Medicare-approved expenses.

Medicare coverage
of total healthcare costs
Medigap fills
this gap
Medicare Supplement Insurance can help cover the 20% left for you to pay.